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Unpowered Color Contacts - An Optical Illusion

Gone are the days when contact lenses were the domain of the visually impaired. Unpowered color contacts mean that everyone can participate in the grand optical illusion - special effects contact lenses.

Unpowered color contacts mean that no correction is made to the sight of the eye. This means of course that they will not help you see better if you are expecting an improvement in your vision, but it does mean that, with the right lenses, other people will see YOU better, and how.

Imagine wearing some stunning royal blue lenses to a dinner party. Who could resist them? Or maybe a deep green would suit you better?

Or, if you are really up for the optical challenge, you could go for some stunning special effects. Cats eye lenses are very popular, as are zebra (black and white striped). Or, if you want to make people a bit nervous, how about red eye lenses or perhaps zombie or vampire lenses for a scary effect.

The choice made available courtesy of the Internet now is huge! You can get all manner of special effects, to go with your wardrobe or just to scare people ..... Some manufacturers will even custom paint lenses for you so you can decide exactly how you would like to look.

Which ever way you look at it, color contacts can bring about a grand optical illusion, one where you disappear, and whoever you want pops up in your place!

Charlie Cory is the owner of a special effects contact lenses web site.


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