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Cholesterol Depostis on Facial Area - Large Pores

Cholesterol Deposits

THESE LITTLE BUMPS LOOK LIKE MILIA BUT ARE MORE YELLOW WAXY TRANSPARENT IN COLOR ! These may appear around eye area, forehead or anyweheres on the skin.

This is usually an internal problem, change your diet and keep your cholesterol levels balance (high level of fat in your blood).

You may try AHA or Salicylic Acid (BHA) creams, peels or retinol products, essential oil, etc... and a good skincare regimen suggested by the help of an/your esthetician that may help reduce there appearance or may help with minimizing them by helping the skin heal itself.

In time If they do not disapear on their own no matter what you do and wish to get rid of them seek your doctor (dermatologist) for there removal either by laser or topical medication.

Enlarged Pores

It is usually determined and influenced to a degree by skin conditions. Enlarged pores can be made to appear smaller, but it is impossible to shrink follicles to the degree that they are almost invisible.

Blackheads are filled with grease deposits, dead cells, makeup and other debris which fill and stretch the pores. Once this material is removed by deep cleansing, and the pores are kept cleaned out, they will tighten and be less visible. Although the skin will still have enlarged pores, they will not seem as large. I have a client with large pores and we do see a huge difference in her pores when she has regular scheduled facials and when she doesn't! You need to get on a consistent skincare regimen and routine such as daily cleansing and toning are a must. A clay mask and exfoliant will also help to deeply cleanse and tighten the skin, facials done by yourself or a professional regularaly, peelings all help tighten up the pores making them less visible also the use of aha or bha products are very helpful also using the right products for your skin.

If the case is very extreme, there is the option of laser resurfacing. Either your dermatologist or a plastic surgeon should do this. There is down time for healing, moderate sensitivity and photosensitivity attached to this procedure, however, it does really improve the quality, tone, texture and appearance of the skin.

Linda Professional Esthetican/Owner Elle's Esthetic Studio


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