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Unique Fun Contact Lenses - How To Stand Out In A Crowd

Unique fun contact lenses are what will make you stand out from your friends. Since special effects contact lenses are created for cosmetic purposes, they come with a power of 0.00, which means that they make no correction for your eyes. This in turn means that anyone can wear them. So, if you need something for a party, the night club, or just to scare your kid's friends, then there is something available for you.

Probably the most common contacts to be classed as unique fun contact lenses are those that just change the color of your eyes. Having striking blue eyes when they used to be brown can have a pretty dramatic effect, especially on those that know you. And vica versa, having say green eyes and suddenly turning up in cool smoldering browns will certainly get people talking! And even if you don't know the people you are with, say at a nightclub, who can resist baby blues?

But maybe, you are a little more reckless, a little more adventurous than that? Well, how about cats eye contact lenses? Imagine talking to someone you had not met before in a bar, and they raised their eyelids to reveal a feline gaze? Wow! Maybe not everyone's cup of tea, but you can see the impact that you could have.

Or maybe it's Halloween, and you want to give those pesky trick or treaters something to remember you by? How about some Vampire eyes? Would that do it? My guess is that you would cut down on the number of treats that you give out.

Or you could try out zombie eyes. They are quite similar to Vampire eyes in that they are red, but with some subtle additional colors to give a slightly different effect. Either way, the effect can be pretty scary, so remember to stick a health warning on your porch before showing your eyes to anybody of a nervous disposition.

You can even be a little creative too, and be truly unique. Some manufacturers will allow you to choose your own colors, so the world is your oyster. No correction is used in the manufacture of the lenses, so that the core element of the lens will fit anyone. You should expect to pay more for this type of lens though, because they are not mass produced.

You can even get blank out eyes, which means that the lens is one solid colour, with a little peep hole in the middle for you to see out of. Pitch black mirrored contact lenses are probably the ultimate in cool, but there are others too. These too can be fun, but they have use in dramatics as well. A white blank out lens can give a very effective impression of blindness, so if you are into acting, fun contact lenses can be a great prop.

The article was written by Charlie Cory, who is the owner of FX Eyes, a website dedicated to providing advice about buying special effects contact lenses online.

You can visit his website about special effects contact lenses.


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