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Dry Skin Care

Is your dry skin itchy and flaky or cracking and peeling? While dry skin may indicate any of several skin disorders such as psoriasis or eczema, you may simply have skin that is badly in need of hydration. The epidermis, or outer layer of skin, is easily dehydrated, particularly in cold, windy weather or after extensive unprotected sun exposure. Flaky, itchy skin, itchy scalp, or scaling can result. Painful chaffing can appear on the skin.

These problems can be very annoying and uncomfortable, not to mention unattractive. Severely dehydrated skin can result in dermatitis, a common skin irritation. Dermatitis can be easily treated by your physician, but it is certainly unattractive and uncomfortable during an attack of dermatitis.

To cure your serious itchy, scaly skin problems, you must avoid cleaning the skin with hot water. Always cleanse itchy, flaky or cracked skin with lukewarm water. Using water that is too hot simply removes more of the important natural protective oils produced by the skin, resulting in more itching, cracking and flaking. While skin is still damp from cleansing, liberally apply a good quality moisturizing lotion or oil to the affected areas. There are lotions specifically formulated for itchy, cracking skin problems and are available at very affordable prices. If you believe your skin problem may be psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis or another of the many skin problems, you should consult with your doctor. But for every day, common dehydrated skin, regular use of moisturizing products applied twice per day should remedy the problems quickly.

If scaly, itchy scalp is your problem, cleanse hair thoroughly with moisturizing shampoo, rinsed well with tepid water. Follow this with a good quality moisturizing conditioner. If itchy, flaky scalp problems continue, you may need to seek the advice of your doctor to obtain a prescription formula shampoo to control the flaking.

Yoav Cohen is an author for AHAVA Dead Sea products site.


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