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Slather On That Tanning Bed Lotion

Tanning bed lotions abound. How do you choose from all the tanning bed lotions available?

There are tanning bed lotions that are in cream form. There are tanning bed lotions that are gels or oils. You can find tanning bed lotions that function as accelerators.

Tanning bed lotions are named to sound like wonderful desserts or sexy adventures. Do these tanning bed lotions work better than the ones that you can buy at WalMart?

I have tried a variety of tanning bed lotions and can not see much difference between the very expensive ones and the tanning bed lotions that are less costly.

First I bought one of the pricey tanning bed lotions from my tanning salon. It worked just fine and lasted about 2 months. Most of the tanning bed lotions at the salon are at least $20 a bottle.

Then I used the little containers offered for $2 a shot. I tried five different "shots" and they all seemed to work about the same. Using these tanning bed lotions did not seem to make my skin softer. Using these tanning bed lotions did not make my tan last longer and slathering myself with these expensive tanning bed lotions did not seem to accelerate my tan.

Then I went to WalMart and bought one of the tanning bed lotions they carry. The tanning bed lotions they had available were under $10.00. I found they worked as well and lasted as long.

Others may have better luck with the higher priced tanning bed lotions but I was very satisfied with the less expensive brands.

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