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Contact Lens Prescriptions Explained

Don't let the name fool you. Nonprescription contacts do require a prescription regardless of what is advertised online or in the circular you received in the mail last week. Sounds confusing? Don't worry. I'll explain.

Nonprescription contact lenses are cosmetic lenses that do not require the wearer to need contacts for vision correction. You can have perfect vision and wear nonprescription contacts. These lenses are strictly for cosmetic purposes.

However, federal law classifies contact lenses (both traditional and cosmetic) as medical devices. As such, both nonprescription contacts and traditional contacts need a prescription in order to legally purchase them.

This means if you don't require vision correction, but you want to purchase a pair of nonprescription contact lenses, you must still make an appointment with an eye doctor. Once the optician is informed of the reason for your visit, there will be an eye examination, a fitting of contact lenses on your eyes, and then a prescription will be given for a pair of cosmetic lenses.

Outside of the legal ramifications, the main purpose for seeing an eye care practitioner even though you don't have vision problems is because you need to be professionally fitted for cosmetic contacts. Not all contact lenses are the same size and posses the same curvature. If you were to wear a pair of contact lenses that were not specifically matched to the shape of your eyes, you could end up of severely damaging your eyes.

So why bother with contact lenses if you don't need them? Primarily people do it to change the color of their eyes. Nonprescription colored contact lenses are extremely popular for not only teenagers and those self-conscious about their looks, but also for those who want to change their appearance for a special occasion.

Practically all visual effects pertaining to the eyes in movies, on television, or on stage are achieved through special effect nonprescription contact lenses. They really are that popular.

Remember, if you want to change or enhance your natural eye color then nonprescription colored contacts are definitely the way to go. However, it is important to remember that due to the uniqueness of every individual's eyes, you should never swap or share your contacts with another person. Only purchase cosmetic contact lenses with a prescription from an eye care practitioner.

Mike Schwartz is the owner of the popular web site Best Contact Lenses Online His site provides useful tips, resources, and reviews to help you make the best decision when purchasing contact lenses on the Internet.


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