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Diapers: Do You Choose Disposable Or Reusable?


Changing a dirty diaper is not the best part of having a baby, but there's no escaping it. And you'd better get used to it - you'll be changing around 5,000 diapers before baby's potty trained!

The first question is whether to use disposable diapers or reusable. In a nutshell, disposables are less trouble, more expensive, and not environmentally friendly.

Your Granny wouldn't recognise a reusable diaper today. Gone are the cotton squares and safety pins, replaced by shaped cotton inside a waterproof outer cover and fastened with velcro. Flushable liners hold solids. Reusables will save you the best part of $1000 and that's after including the cost of washing.

If you want to be kind to the planet but can't face all the washing, another option is to use a laundry service: the cost will be about the same as using disposables.

Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is a term covering various different rashes which will vary in severity from a mild redness to severe raw ulcerated skin.

Most rashes are caused by exposure to soiled diapers. As urine and faeces break down ammonia is released, this is toxic and burns baby's delicate skin. A diaper will also prevent air circulating and retain heat, both of which will aggravate the problem.

If your baby develops a rash, change diapers frequently and keep the area clean and dry. Avoid the use of soap and wipes, wash with warm water and cotton wool balls. Barrier creams are available from your pharmacist.

Perhaps one of the best treatments is fresh air: let baby's skin breathe as often as possible.

Author: Tony Luck who runs a site offering advice to new moms. Included in the site is the fascinating Chinese Conception Chart which is supposed to tell you whether the baby you are expecting will be a boy or girl!


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