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Why Do People Have Kids?

Despite the theory that people have kids because they want and have planned for a family; the truth is that most people have kids because a woman gets pregnant. That is about the only reason. Did you know that 75% of all children in the United States are born out of wedlock and that the number is increasing each and every year? And folks these numbers are just in the United States, the world average is much higher. Only 50% of the kids in this country live in a household with two parents.

So if people are having kids because they get pregnant and not because they are planning on having kids then that means most all humans born in the United States are unwanted by the parents. Do you think this is why pregnant moms still drink lots of caffeine and go to Starbucks every day? Do you know what this does to the unborn fetus? If kids grow up without two parents to watch them no wonder we have such a high rate of juvenile delinquency in our country. No wonder I have to pay more taxes for police. No wonder there is more crime and drugs, rapes and murders, hit and runs and police chases, robbery and assaults? Dah, no wonder?

If people do not care about their children before they are born, what makes you think they really care about them or are willing to give them the proper nurturing as they grow up? Some people believe that you should have a license before you have a child, that you understand pre-natal care, have a jobs or some income to support your future offspring and a stable situation ready to go when the child arrives. Others believe that it is not any one else's business and humans should have the right to procreate. We make people get driver's licenses to operate an automobile; a hunk of metal, which you can replace, but not to have a child, which is irreplaceable. How many times have you seen a parent beat their kid in a parking lot or store? How many times have you seen a kids throw a complete temper tantrum in a place of business and the single parent buy something to pacify them? Why is it that people have kids again? Because they get pregnant; what about the burden to society and taxpayer for the irresponsibility of that child?

Recently I met a man who had an executive job at a school district. We got on the subject of schools and drugs and he said both his kids had been involved in drugs and had problems and that there was nothing he could do; it was the peer pressure you see? It was not his fault he explained? Oh, really so whose fault it is then, because it certainly is not my fault the taxpayer. Yet I am paying the cost of more police, state sponsored rehabs, court costs and might even become the victim of one of his kids or some other kid who is fiending on drugs who decides to steal the CD player out of my car or put it up on blocks to steal my rims so they can get their fix?

Every time some one has a kid that is an incredible responsibility, it is the responsibility of the parents not the village. It may take a village to raise the child, but it is the parents responsibility to put in their fair share and bare the brunt of the cost, time and effort in raising them. Why can't people take a little more responsibility for their actions? Why is the burden always on those who are holding up civilization instead of those so busy tearing it down; the same ones who tell us to mind our own business and leave them alone? Yet as soon as they want something they come running, looking for a hand out and call us names when we look at them and say no; it is your responsibility. It is interesting that in our new Political Correct world that you cannot say these things even though they are true. Well like you I am sick and tired of it and I am saying something about it. It ain't right; think about it.

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